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Ocean Transportation Intermediary License Revocations, Reissuances, Applicants

Thursday, June 13, 2013
Sandler, Travis & Rosenberg Trade Report

OTI Licenses Revoked. The Federal Maritime Commission has given notice that the following ocean transportation intermediary licenses have been revoked. A revocation may occur after a license is surrendered voluntarily by the OTI or for failure to maintain a valid bond.

- license #0345F: Stone Forwarding Company Inc., Galveston, Texas

- license #1621F: Soo Hoo, Angela M. d/b/a Soo Hoo Customs Broker, Los Angeles, Calif.

- license #003081N: SMS Express Company Inc. d/b/a Dyna Freight Inc., Rancho Dominguez, Calif.

- license #15328N: Apex World Transport Inc., Renton, Wash.

- license #15975N: Centrans International Marines Shipping (USA) Inc. d/b/a Centrans International Forwarding Co., Houston, Texas

- license #017279N: Unicom Trans Inc., Gardena, Calif.

- license #017948F: API Network Inc., Fort Lauderdale, Fla.

- license #18340N: Shipping International Inc., Calif.

- license #019060F: Skelton Sherborne Inc., Houston, Texas

- license #019335N: Liner American Services Corp. d/b/a American Liner Services, Doral, Fla.

- license #019625N: Transair Express Inc., Burlington, Calif.

- license #020529F: KN Special Logistics Inc., Sterling, Va.

- license #022034N: Competition Transport Inc., Orlando, Fla.

- license #023565NF: Watercraft Mix Inc. d/b/a Export Import, Hialeah, Fla.

OTI License Reissued. The Federal Maritime Commission has given notice that the following ocean transportation intermediary license has been reissued.

- license #019060N: Skelton Sherborne Inc., Houston, Texas

OTI License Applicants. The Federal Maritime Commission has provided notice that the following have filed applications (a) for ocean transportation intermediary licenses as non-vessel-operating common carriers and/or ocean freight forwarders or (b) to amend an existing OTI license or the qualifying individual for a licensee.

- China Interocean Transport Inc., Jamaica, N.Y. (QI change)

- Daisy Mae Concepcion V. Taleon d/b/a DMT Global Logistics, Orange, Calif. (new NVO & OFF license)

- Dulce Auto Import & Export Inc., Miami, Fla. (new OFF license)

- Eagle Shipping Ltd., Sharon Hill, Pa. (QI change)

- John S. Kim and Paul H. Choe d/b/a Shock Value International d/b/a JP Global Logistics, South San Francisco, Calif. (new NVO and OFF license)

- Koch Maritime Inc., St. Paul, Minn. (QI change)

- Logistics Management Solutions LLC d/b/a/ LMS Logistics, St. Louis, Mo. (new NVO and OFF license)

- Marine Bulk Freight Forwarding S.A. De C.V., Huixquilucan, Mexico (new NVO license)

- Pinki Enterprises Inc., Jamaica, N.Y. (add trade name Sail Container Line)

- Samskip Incorporated, Norfolk, Va. (QI change)

- Steel Direct Shipping Line LLC, Long Beach, Calif. (add OFF service)

- Unigroup Worldwide Inc. d/b/a Brewster Lines, Fenton, Mo. (add trade name UniGroup Relocation)

- Worldbridge Logistics Inc., Nashville, Tenn. (QI change)

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