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National Freight Strategic Plan Recommendations Still Under Consideration

Wednesday, May 14, 2014
Sandler, Travis & Rosenberg Trade Report

The Department of Transportation’s National Freight Advisory Committee will meet via an open webinar May 29 in another effort to finalize recommendations for the DOT to consider in its development of the National Freight Strategic Plan. This meeting will focus on recommendations related to best practices for improving the performance of the national freight network and mitigating the impacts of freight movement on communities, which should be the last two areas that need to be considered after two previous meetings. To view the webinar, members of the public must pre-register online no later than May 28.

The NFAC provides advice and recommendations to the DOT on matters relating to U.S. freight transportation, including implementation of the freight transportation requirements of the Moving Ahead for Progress in the 21st Century Act (MAP-21), establishment of the National Freight Network, development of the NFSP, development of strategies to help states implement state freight advisory committees and state freight plans, development of measures of conditions and performance in freight transportation, development of freight transportation investment, data and planning tools, and legislative recommendations.

The NFSP will outline a long-term strategy to implement the national freight policy and must include the following elements.

- an assessment of the condition and performance of the national freight network

- an identification of highway bottlenecks on the national freight network that create significant freight congestion problems

- forecasts of freight volumes for 20 years

- an identification of major trade gateways and national freight corridors that connect major population centers, trade gateways and other major freight generators for current and forecasted traffic and freight volumes

- an assessment of statutory, regulatory, technological, institutional, financial and other barriers to improved freight transportation performance (including opportunities for overcoming those barriers)

- an identification of routes providing access to energy exploration, development, installation or production areas

- best practices for improving the performance of the national freight network

- best practices to mitigate the impacts of freight movement on communities

- a process for addressing multistate projects and encouraging jurisdictions to collaborate

- strategies to improve freight intermodal connectivity

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