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AD/CV Notices: Melamine, Tires, Furniture, Citric Acid

Wednesday, June 17, 2015
Sandler, Travis & Rosenberg Trade Report

Melamine. The International Trade Administration has made a preliminary affirmative dumping determination on melamine from Trinidad and Tobago and has established a preliminary weighted average dumping margin of 174.22 percent for Methanol Holdings (Trinidad) Limited as well as all other producers and/or exporters.

The ITA will instruct U.S. Customs and Border Protection to suspend liquidation of entries of subject goods that are entered or withdrawn from warehouse for consumption on or after June 17 and to require AD cash deposits for such entries at the rate listed above. The ITA has postponed its final determination until no later than 135 days after June 17 and extended the application of provisional measures from four to six months.

Tires. The ITA has made preliminary affirmative dumping and countervailable subsidization determinations on certain passenger vehicle and light truck tires from China. Preliminary dumping margins range from 14.35 percent to 87.99 percent and preliminary subsidy rates range from 20.73 percent to 100.77 percent. The ITA determined that critical circumstances exist for all producers and exporters in the CV investigation as well as all exporters in the AD investigation other than Giti Tire Global Trading Pte. Ltd., Sailun Group Co. Ltd. and the separate rate companies.

The ITA will now instruct CBP to (a) collect AD cash deposits at the applicable rates (which are lower than the dumping margins) and (b) resume the suspension of liquidation and require CV cash deposits at the applicable rates (which are the same as or slightly lower than the subsidy margins).

Wooden Bedroom Furniture. In the final results of its administrative and new shipper reviews of the AD duty order on wooden bedroom furniture from China for the period Jan. 1 through Dec. 31, 2013, the ITA has determined a weighted average dumping margin of zero for subject goods produced and exported by Wuxi Yushea Furniture Co. Ltd. As a result, no AD duties will be assessed on entries of subject goods from Wuxi during the period of review, and no AD cash deposits will be required for subject goods from Wuxi that are entered or withdrawn from warehouse for consumption on or after June 17.

The ITA also (a) determined that 12 companies did not have any reviewable transactions during the period of review and (b) rescinded this review with respect to 16 companies that it determined are part of the China-wide entity, which is not being reviewed.

Citric Acid. In its sunset review of the AD and CV duty orders on citric acid and certain citrate salts from Canada and China, the International Trade Commission has determined that revocation of these orders would be likely to lead to continuation or recurrence of material injury to an industry in the U.S. within a reasonably foreseeable time. As a result, these orders will soon be continued for five years.

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