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“Product of USA” Labeling for Meat and Poultry Considered for Revision

Tuesday, June 26, 2018
Sandler, Travis & Rosenberg Trade Report

The Department of Agriculture’s Food Safety and Inspection Service is accepting comments through Aug. 17 on a petition to revise the standard for labeling meat and poultry products as “Product of U.S.A.”

The “Product of U.S.A.” entry in FSIS’ Food Standards and Labeling Policy Book currently states that meat or poultry product labeling may bear this phrase “[i]f the product is processed in the United States.” FSIS has received a petition requesting that this language be changed to specify that products may bear the phrase “[i]f it can be determined that significant ingredients having a bearing on consumer preference, such as meat, vegetables, fruits, dairy products, etc., are of domestic origin (minor ingredients, such as spices or flavorings, are not included). In this case the labels should be approved with the understanding that such ingredients are of domestic origin.”

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