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Importation Certification for Live Fish and Fish Eggs Under Review

Wednesday, November 06, 2013
Sandler, Travis & Rosenberg Trade Report

The Fish and Wildlife Service is soliciting comments through Jan. 6, 2014, on the proposed extension of approval of three information collections used to ensure the qualifications of those individuals who provide fish health data and sign the health certificate upon which the FWS bases its decision to allow importation.

FWS Form 3-2273 (Title 50 Certifying Official Form) – new applicants and those seeking recertification as a title 50 certifying official provide information so that their qualifications can be assessed

FWS Form 3-2274 (U.S. Title 50 Certification Form) – certifying officials use this form or their own health certificate to affirm the health status of the fish or their reproductive products to be imported

FWS Form 3-2275 (Title 50 Importation Request Form) – information on this form is used to ensure the safety of the shipment and to track and control importations

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