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Export Controls Advisory Committees Looking for New Members

Thursday, January 14, 2016
Sandler, Travis & Rosenberg Trade Report

The Bureau of Industry and Security is recruiting new private-sector members for its technical advisory committees that provide advice on the technical parameters for, and administration of, export controls within the following areas.

- Information Systems TAC: Commerce Control List categories 3 (electronics), 4 (computers) and 5 (telecommunications and information security)

- Materials TAC: CCL category 1 (materials, chemicals, microorganisms and toxins)

- Materials Processing Equipment TAC: CCL category 2 (materials processing)

- Regulations and Procedures TAC: Export Administration Regulations and procedures for implementing them

- Sensors and Instrumentation TAC: CCL category 6 (sensors and lasers)

- Transportation and Related Equipment TAC: CCL categories 7 (navigation and avionics), 8 (marine) and 9 (propulsion systems, space vehicles and related equipment)

- Emerging Technology and Research Advisory Committee: the identification of emerging technologies and research and development activities that may be of interest from a dual-use perspective, the prioritization of new and existing controls to determine which are of greatest consequence to national security, the potential impact of dual-use export control requirements on research activities, and the threat to national security posed by unauthorized exports of technologies

Industry representatives are selected from firms producing a broad range of goods, technologies and software controlled for national security, non-proliferation, foreign policy and short supply reasons or that are proposed for such controls, balanced to the extent possible among large and small firms.

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