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Dates and Deadlines: Drawback, TPP, “Made in USA” Marking, De Minimis Change

Friday, March 04, 2016
Sandler, Travis & Rosenberg Trade Report

Following are highlights of regulatory effective dates and deadlines and federal agency meetings coming up in the next week.

March 7 – ST&R webinar: Duty Drawback Reforms in the Trade Facilitation and Enforcement Bill

March 7 – deadline for applications for membership on Defense Trade Advisory Group

March 7 – effective date of USDA final rule allowing imports of orchid plants in growing media from Taiwan

March 7 – deadline for comments to ITA on textile and apparel short supply, safeguard information collections under Korea FTA

March 7 – deadline for comments to ITC on potential IPR import restrictions on graphics processing chips

March 8 – ST&R webinar: Posible Impacto del TPP en México y los Países del CAFTA-DR

March 8 – meeting of BIS Materials Processing Equipment Technical Advisory Committee

March 8 – deadline for comments to ITC on IPR infringement complaint on nanopores and products containing same

March 9 – ST&R webinar: California’s Updated “Made in USA” Marking Standard

March 9 – deadline for comments to CBP on information collections on exports, origin marking

March 9 – deadline for comments on draft CPSC strategic plan

March 10 – meeting of BIS Emerging Technology and Research Advisory Committee

March 10 – effective date of elimination of consumptive demand exception to ban on imports made with forced labor

March 11 – deadline for comments to ATF on forms ATF F 6, permit for firearms imports, and 4587, registration as defense article importer

March 11 – effective date of increase in de minimis amount from $200 to $800

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