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Delivery Verification Certificate, Apple/Grape Export Certificates Under Review

Monday, April 22, 2013
By Shawn McCausland
Sandler, Travis & Rosenberg Trade Report

The Bureau of Industry and Security is accepting comments through June 21 on the proposed extension of form BIS-647P, the U.S. Delivery Verification Certificate. Foreign governments occasionally require U.S. importers of strategic commodities to furnish their foreign suppliers with this certificate to validate that the commodities shipped to the U.S. were, in fact, received.

The Department of Agriculture’s Agricultural Marketing Service is requesting comments no later than June 21 on the proposed extension of an information collection concerning exports of apples and grapes. Fresh apples and grapes grown in the U.S. and shipped to foreign destinations other than Canada and Mexico must meet minimum quality and other requirements, and the USDA’s Federal or Federal-State Inspection Program inspects each export shipment and certifies that it is in compliance with these requirements. Export form certificates issued by FSIP are used to facilitate the export process, but these certificates are not completed by the exporters or carriers and are not filed with USDA. Instead, the certificates are retained by each exporter and third-party carrier that ships the commodity to verify compliance.

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