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AD/CV Notices: WTO Case, Crepe Paper, Pasta, Steel Sinks

Friday, August 14, 2015
Sandler, Travis & Rosenberg Trade Report

AD Duty Orders on Goods from China Revised to Reflect WTO Case. Effective Aug. 4, the International Trade Administration is implementing determinations under section 129 of the Uruguay Round Agreements Act as a result of proceedings at the World Trade Organization with respect to antidumping duty orders on the following products from China.

- citric acid and citrate salts (dumping margins of zero to 1.01 percent)

- coated paper suitable for high-quality print graphics using sheet-fed presses (dumping margins of 7.62 percent to 135.83 percent)

- seamless carbon and alloy steel standard, line and pressure pipe (dumping margins of 49.93 percent to 98.74 percent)

- high-pressure steel cylinders (dumping margins of 6.62 percent to 31.21 percent)

- multilayered wood flooring (dumping margins of zero to 58.84 percent)

- crystalline silicon photovoltaic cells, whether or not assembled into modules (dumping margins of 6.68 percent to 238.88 percent)

- utility scale wind towers (dumping margins of 34.33 percent to 60.02 percent)

With respect to each of these orders, unless the applicable cash deposit rate has been superseded by intervening administrative reviews, the ITA will instruct U. S. Customs and Border Protection to require AD cash deposits at the appropriate rate for entries of subject goods that are entered or withdrawn from warehouse for consumption on or after Aug. 4.

The WTO proceedings concerned the ITA’s imposition of AD duties calculated on the basis of the methodology for non-market economy countries concurrently with the imposition of countervailing duties on the same products without having assessed whether so-called double remedies (i.e., the offsetting of the same subsidy twice) arose from such concurrent duties.

Crepe Paper. The International Trade Commission will hold a public meeting Aug. 18 to hold a vote in its sunset review of the AD duty order on crepe paper from China. This review will result in either the continuation or revocation of this order.

Pasta. In its changed circumstances review of the AD duty order on pasta from Italy, the ITA has issued a final determination that P.A.P. S.R.L. is the successor-in-interest to P.A.P. SNC Di Pazienza G. B. & C and should therefore receive the AD cash deposit rate assigned to PAP SNC in the most recently completed administrative review, which is zero. This rate will be effective for all shipments of subject goods exported by PAP SRL and entered or withdrawn from warehouse for consumption on or after Aug. 14.

Stainless Steel Sinks. The ITA has rescinded its administrative review of the CV duty order on drawn stainless steel sinks from China for the period Jan. 1 through Dec. 31, 2014, based on the timely withdrawal of the requests for review. The ITA will instruct CBP to assess CV duties on all appropriate entries of subject goods at the CV cash deposit rates required at the time of entry or withdrawal from warehouse for consumption.

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