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CPSC Takes Action on Hook-On Chairs, Glazing Materials

Tuesday, March 15, 2016
Sandler, Travis & Rosenberg Trade Report

The Consumer Product Safety Commission has approved a new federal safety standard for portable hook-on chairs and has amended the existing standard for architectural glazing materials. The new requirements will enter into force six months from the date of publication of a final rule in the Federal Register in the case of portable hook-on chairs, and 30 days from such date in the case of architectural glazing materials.

Portable hook-on chairs. The new mandatory standard incorporates by reference, with no modifications, the most recent voluntary standard developed by ASTM International for portable hook-on chairs (ASTM F1235-15). A portable hook-on chair is a legless seat attached to a table where the occupant sits that is supported solely by the table on which the chair is mounted. These chairs are intended for children between the ages of six months and three years who weigh no more than 37 pounds. The CPSC notes that the new standard addresses various safety hazards associated with these chairs, including compromised attachment, restraint or containment issues, unintended release of seat fabric fastenings, seat fabric separation due to breaking or tearing components, and broken structural components.

Architectural glazing materials. The testing procedures in the mandatory safety standard for architectural glazing materials are being replaced with more up-to-date procedures used in the ANSI Z97.12015 consensus safety standard. The standard applies to glazing materials used or intended for use in storm doors or combination doors, doors (both exterior and interior), bathtub doors and enclosures, shower doors and enclosures, and sliding glass doors (patio-type). The CPSC indicates that the amendments do not involve a material change to the regulations and maintain the scope of products covered by the original regulation.

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