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STTAS EU Trade Weekly: Conflict Minerals, Food Labeling, AD Measures, Taxation

Tuesday, December 16, 2014
Sandler, Travis & Rosenberg Trade Report

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WCO presents classification decisions taken at the last HS Committee session

The World Customs Organization has released the classification decisions taken at the 54th session of the Harmonized System Committee in September, including the classification rulings, the amendments to the Explanatory Notes and the amendments to the Compendium of Classification Opinions.


WTO approves Seychelles’ accession

WTO members adopted Seychelles’ terms of entry on 10 December. Seychelles will have until 1 June 2015 to ratify the deal to formally become a WTO member.


European Union

EU continues anti-dumping duty on prepared or preserved citrus fruits from China

The European Commission has continued its anti-dumping measure against mandarins from China for five years, with duties ranging from 361.4 euros/tonne to 531.2 euros/tonne.

(Official Journal of the EU)

Briefing on future EU conflict minerals regulation

The European Parliament has released a briefing on draft regulation it is considering to limit EU imports of conflict minerals, including tin, tantalum, tungsten and gold. The EU regulation would be voluntary and seek to encourage importers to behave responsibly.

(European Parliament)

European Commission publishes guide to new labelling rules for fishery products

The European Commission has issued a guide to changes in EU rules for labels accompanying all fishery and aquaculture products for EU consumers, which take effect 13 December.


European Commission infographic on new food labelling rules

The European Commission has issued a visual guide to the new EU food labelling rules that take effect 13 December. These rules include requirements for information on allergens, nanomaterials, vegetable origin of refined oil and fats, substitutes, country of origin, added proteins, and more.


EU initials trade agreement with Ecuador

A protocol initialled on 12 December will allow Ecuador to join the EU’s existing trade agreement with Colombia and Peru. The terms of the agreement go beyond the unilateral EU Generalised Scheme of Preferences, for which Ecuador is no longer eligible.


EU launches AD investigation of aluminium foil from China

The European Commission has initiated an investigation to determine whether certain aluminium foil from China is being dumped in the EU and whether the dumped imports have caused injury to EU industry.

(Official Journal of European Union)

New directive will expand taxation information automatically exchanged among EU members

The European Council adopted 9 December a directive that brings interest, dividends, gross proceeds from the sale of financial assets and other income, as well as account balances, within the scope of the information exchanged automatically among EU members concerning direct taxation. The aim of the directive, which should become operational by the end of September 2017, is to combat cross-border tax fraud and tax evasion.

(European Council)

Council to add anti-abuse clause against corporate tax avoidance

The European Council agreed 9 December to add to the EU’s parent-subsidiary directive an anti-abuse clause that requires governments to refrain from granting the benefits of that directive to an arrangement or series of arrangements that is not genuine and has been put in place to obtain a tax advantage while not reflecting economic reality.

(European Council)

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