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CBP Rulings on Plastic Bushings, Aluminum Powder, MP3 Player Docking Stations

Thursday, August 01, 2013
Sandler, Travis & Rosenberg Trade Report

In the July 31, 2013, Customs Bulletin and Decisions, U.S. Customs and Border Protection proposed to revoke a classification ruling on the following product. Comments are due by Aug. 30.

Product: Plastic bushing with a lip or flange that is used in a steering assembly for a marine water-jet propulsion system.
Proposed action: Modification of NY N041816.
Current classification: HTSUS 3926.90.9980, other articles of plastics (5.3% duty).
Proposed classification: HTSUS 8483.30.8090, other plain shaft bearings without housing (4.5% duty).
Explanation: The plastic bushing serves as both a radial and an axial bearing, the form and function of which are both described by heading 8483.

Also in the July 31, 2013, Customs Bulletin and Decisions, CBP revoked classification rulings on the following products, effective Sept. 30.

Product: Wetted spherical aluminum powder product used in paints as a metallic pigment as well as in rocket fuel and electronics.
Action: Revocation of NY N117455.
New ruling: HQ H161855.
New classification: HTSUS 7603.10.00, aluminum powders of a non-lamellar structure (5% duty).

Product: MP3 player docking stations with built-in radios.
Action: Revocation of NY R02550, NY R03835, NY M84663, NY N010738, NY N015651, NY N024500, NY N047842, NY N092825, NY N092831, NY N092834, NY N021097, NY M86676, NY R04615 and NY N007861.
New ruling: HQ H216719.
New classification: HTSUS 8527.19.10 (duty-free) or 8527.19.50 (3% duty), other radiobroadcast receivers capable of operating without an external power source, or HTSUS 8527.92.10 (duty-free) or 8527.92.50 (3% duty), other reception apparatus for radiobroadcasting combined with a clock, depending on whether they are valued over $40 and are capable of operating without an external power source.

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