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Dates and Deadlines: Classification, Defense Trade, Export Regulations, IPR Infringement

Friday, March 24, 2017
Sandler, Travis & Rosenberg Trade Report

Following are highlights of regulatory effective dates and deadlines and federal agency meetings coming up in the next week.

March 27 – deadline for comments to CPSC on information collections on textiles, vinyl film, and mattresses

March 27 – deadline for comments to ITC on antitrust issues in IPR infringement probe of carbon and alloy steel products

March 27 – deadline for comments to ITC on potential IPR probes of cable/satellite products and intravascular sets

March 28 – ST&R webinar: Apparel Classification Series: Everything but Knit Tops

March 28 – deadline for comments to FTZ Board on request for Utah subzone

March 29 – deadline for comments to USDA on certificate for quota eligibility for raw cane sugar

March 30 – meeting of State Department’s Defense Trade Advisory Group

March 30 – meeting of BIS Regulations and Procedures Technical Advisory Committee

March 30 – deadline for comments to ITC on potential IPR probe of dental ceramics

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