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AD/CV Update: Citric Acid, Aluminum Extrusions, Brass Sheet, Pipe Fittings

Wednesday, July 19, 2017
Sandler, Travis & Rosenberg Trade Report

Citric Acid. The International Trade Commission has made affirmative preliminary antidumping injury determinations on citric acid and certain citrate salts from Belgium, Colombia, and Thailand and an affirmative preliminary countervailing injury determination on such goods from Thailand. As a result, the International Trade Administration will continue its corresponding AD and CV duty investigations, with preliminary determinations due by Aug. 28 (CV) and Nov. 9 (AD).

Polyester Staple Fiber. The ITC has made affirmative preliminary AD injury determinations on fine denier polyester staple fiber from China, India, Korea, and Taiwan and preliminary affirmative CV injury determinations on such goods from China and India. As a result, the ITA will continue its corresponding AD and CV duty investigations, with preliminary determinations due by Aug. 24 (CV) and Nov. 7 (AD).

Aluminum Extrusions. The ITA has issued a second amended final ruling on the scope of its AD and CV duty orders on aluminum extrusions from China. This amendment reflects that the Court of Appeals for the Federal Circuit has reversed a Court of International Trade decision and sustained the ITA’s original scope ruling that Meridian Products LLC’s refrigerator/freezer trim kits did not satisfy the finished goods kit exclusion under these orders.

Brass Sheet and Strip. The ITC has scheduled expedited sunset reviews of the AD duty orders on brass sheet and strip from France, Germany, Italy, and Japan. These reviews will result in either the revocation or continuation of these orders. Comments are due by Sept. 13.

Pipe Fittings. Following the July 13 submission of a new petition, the ITC has instituted AD and CV injury investigations of cast iron soil pipe fittings from China. A conference will be held Aug. 3, requests to appear at the conference are due by Aug. 1, written comments are due by Aug. 8, and the ITC’s preliminary determinations are due by Aug. 28.

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