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Certified Cargo Screening Program Information Collections Under Review

Thursday, December 13, 2018
Sandler, Travis & Rosenberg Trade Report

The Transportation Security Administration is accepting comments through Feb. 11 on the following information collections related to the certified cargo screening standard security program.

Applications. Entities that wish to become certified cargo screening facilities, third-party canine cargo certifiers, or certified cargo screening program-canine holders must submit an application at least 90 days before the intended date of operation. Once certified, any changes to the application information must be submitted as they occur. CCSFs (including CCSF K-9s) must renew their certifications every 36 months by submitting a new complete application.


STA Applications. Applicants must ensure that individuals performing cargo screening and related functions and their supervisors, those authorized to conduct 3PK9-C program activities, and people supporting these functions have completed a security threat assessment conducted by TSA. CCSF security coordinators and their alternates must also have successfully completed an STA. These individuals must submit personally identifiable information to allow the STAs to be performed.

Security Programs. CCSFs (including CCSF-K9s) must accept and operate under a standard security program provided by TSA or submit a proposed modified security program or amendment(s) to the designated TSA official for approval initially and periodically thereafter as required.

3PK9-C Certifier Order. 3PK9-C certifiers must accept standards provided by the TSA or submit a proposed modified standard to the designated TSA official for approval initially and periodically thereafter as required.


Recordkeeping. CCSFs (including CCSF-K9s) and 3PK9-C certifiers must maintain records of compliance and make them available for TSA inspection.

Security Coordinator. 3PK9-C certifiers and CCSF-K9s must provide the name and contact information of the security coordinator and one or more designated alternates at the corporate or ownership level.

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