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Ceiling Fan Test Procedure Would be Amended Under DOE Proposal

Friday, October 17, 2014
Sandler, Travis & Rosenberg Trade Report

The Department of Energy has issued a proposed rule that would (a) reinterpret the statutory definition of a ceiling fan to include hugger ceiling fans and (b) amend its test procedure for ceiling fans established under the Energy Policy and Conservation Act. Comments, data and information regarding this proposal are due no later than Dec. 31. In addition, DOE will hold a public meeting Nov. 19 in Washington, D.C. (that will also be broadcast as a webinar) to discuss this proposal.

DOE states that the proposed test procedure would establish an integrated efficiency metric for ceiling fans based on the airflow and power consumption at low and high speed for low-volume ceiling fans and at high speed for high-volume ceiling fans (where volume refers to airflow volume). The proposed metric would also account for power consumed in standby mode. The proposed test procedure amendments also include new test methods for high-volume ceiling fans, multi-mount ceiling fans, ceiling fans with multiple fan heads, and ceiling fans where the airflow is not directed vertically, as well as power consumption in standby mode. In addition, the proposed test procedure would (a) clarify that only high and low speeds are to be tested for low-volume ceiling fans, (b) eliminate the requirement to test with a test cylinder, (c) add a false ceiling, (d) clarify the distance between the ceiling fan blades and the air velocity sensors during testing, (e) clarify the fan configuration during testing for low-volume ceiling fans, (f) clarify the test method for ceiling fans with heaters, and (g) revise the allowable tolerance for air velocity sensors.

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