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Cargo Container Data Element Needs to be Discussed by Supply Chain Committee

Wednesday, August 24, 2016
Sandler, Travis & Rosenberg Trade Report

The Department of Commerce’s Advisory Committee on Supply Chain Competitiveness will hold a conference call Sept. 7. Members of the public must register to participate in or listen to this call by Sept. 1.

During this meeting committee members are expected to deliberate and vote on the Freight Policy and Movement Subcommittee’s recommendations on the maritime container cargo data elements that U.S. shippers, supply chains, and other seaport users and stakeholders need in advance of vessel arrival in the U.S. to (1) improve coordination, cooperation, and information-sharing among U.S. supply chains and port stakeholders; (2) improve supply chain and cargo logistics, planning, and management; (3) ensure the availability of sufficient container movement equipment and workforce; and (4) improve the efficiency and flow of cargo and trade throughout U.S. supply chains. The committee will also discuss how these elements could be used in possible technology solutions that would facilitate element sharing among cargo owners, seaports, and supply chain stakeholders.

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