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AD/CV Notices: Steel Threaded Rod, Rebar

Monday, July 22, 2013
Sandler, Travis & Rosenberg Trade Report

Agency: International Trade Administration.
Commodity: Steel threaded rod.
Country: India and Thailand.
Nature of Notice: Initiation of antidumping and/or countervailing duty investigations.
Details: The product covered by the scope of these investigations is certain carbon-quality steel threaded rod, bar or studs that have been forged, turned, cold-drawn, cold-rolled, machine straightened or otherwise cold-finished and into which threaded grooves have been applied. It is primarily used in commercial construction in which the threaded rods are cut to required lengths and used to support electrical conduit, pipes for plumbing, HVAC ductwork and sprinkler pipes for fire protection systems. It is also used for structural tie downs in earthquake and hurricane restraints for roofing, as headless screws in general fastener applications, and for bolting together pipe joints in the waterworks industry. Alleged dumping margins are 17.93% to 119.87% for India and 63.16% to 74.90% for Thailand.


Agency: International Trade Administration.
Commodity: Steel concrete reinforcing bars.
Country: Belarus, China, Indonesia, Latvia, Moldova, Poland and Ukraine.
Nature of Notice: Continuation of antidumping duty orders for five years, effective July 22.
Details: The product covered by these orders is all steel concrete reinforcing bars sold in straight lengths, currently classifiable under HTSUS 7214.20.00, 7228.30.8050, 7222.11.0050, 7222.30.0000, 7228.60.6000, 7228.20.1000 or any other tariff item number. Specifically excluded are plain rounds (i.e., non-deformed or smooth bars) and rebar that has been further processed through bending or coating. U.S. Customs and Border Protection will continue to collect AD cash deposits at the rates in effect at the time of entry for all imports of subject merchandise.

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