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AD/CV Notices: Oil Country Tubular Goods

Thursday, July 25, 2013
Sandler, Travis & Rosenberg Trade Report

Agency: Department of Commerce.
Commodity: Oil Country Tubular Goods.
Country: India, Korea, the Philippines, Saudi Arabia, Taiwan, Thailand, Turkey, Ukraine and Vietnam.
Nature of Notice: Initiation of antidumping and/or countervailing duty investigations.
Details: The products covered by the scope of these investigations are hollow steel products of circular cross-section, including oil well casing and tubing, of iron (other than cast iron) or steel (both carbon and alloy), whether seamless or welded, regardless of end finish (e.g., whether or not plain end, threaded, or threaded and coupled), whether or not conforming to American Petroleum Institute (API) or non-API specifications, whether finished (including limited service OCTG products) or unfinished (including green tubes and limited service OCTG products), whether or not thread protectors are attached. The scope of the investigations also covers OCTG coupling stock. Alleged dumping margins are 12.67% to 239.64% for India, 66.19% to 158.53% for Korea, 46.04% to 56.38% for the Philippines, 53.34% for Saudi Arabia, 68.44% to 70.98% for Taiwan, 118.32% for Thailand, 44.52% to 47.20% for Turkey, 25.75% to 30.76% for Ukraine, and 103.43% to 111.47% for Vietnam.

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