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Continuing Trade Despite Animal Disease Outbreaks is Goal of Draft U.S.-Canada Framework

Tuesday, May 13, 2014
Sandler, Travis & Rosenberg Trade Report

The Department of Agriculture’s Animal and Plant Health Inspection Service has released a draft framework for implementing and maintaining a foreign animal disease zoning arrangement between the U.S. and Canada. This framework provides an operational plan for the two countries to recognize each other’s decisions to control a highly contagious FAD outbreak through zoning; i.e., determining and specifying a particular area in a portion of the country wherein a quarantine should be established to control a contagious FAD outbreak. APHIS states that this zoning arrangement will facilitate continued trade between disease-free areas of the U.S. and Canada while safeguarding animal health in both countries.

Under the draft framework, each country would notify the other of a confirmed FAD detection in domestic livestock within its territory while in the process of establishing an area of control. The unaffected (partner) country could initially restrict the importation of commodities that could transmit the disease from the affected country. The extent of the restrictions would depend on the disease, the magnitude of the outbreak and other epidemiological factors.

Following procedures outlined in the draft framework, the affected country would apply to the partner country for recognition of an established area of control. Once this recognition occurs, trade between disease-free zones could resume as normal, with few restrictions. The partner country could impose additional import restrictions if the disease is detected outside of an area of control during the response period.

Comments on the draft framework are due by July 14. APHIS states that comments that address disease risk, import restrictions, establishment of areas of control, operational procedures, and communications with affected stakeholders would be particularly useful.

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