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Treasury Reviewing Information Collections on Alcohol Beverages

Friday, October 30, 2015
Sandler, Travis & Rosenberg Trade Report

The Treasury Department is accepting through Nov. 30 comments on the following information collections.

Form TTB F 5200.14, Labeling and Advertising Requirements Under the Federal Alcohol Administration Act: Bottlers and importers of alcohol beverages must provide certain mandatory information and adhere to certain performance standards for statements made on labels and in advertisements of alcohol beverages to ensure that consumers are not deceived or misled about a product’s identity and quality.

Form TTB F 5120.12, Beer for Exportation: Federal excise tax is imposed on beer removed from domestic breweries for consumption or sale, but beer may be removed without payment of tax for export or for use as supplies on certain vessels and aircraft. TTB requires brewers to give notice of such removals on this form. The form is also used by customs officers to certify the exportation of beer removed without payment of tax.

Form TTB F 5154.3, Bond for Drawback Under 26 USC 5111: The Internal Revenue Code, at 26 USC 5111–5114, authorizes drawback (similar to a refund) of all but $1.00 per gallon of the federal excise tax already paid on distilled spirits if the spirits are subsequently used in the manufacture of certain non-beverage products such as medicines, food products, flavors and perfumes. Persons making such products must file claims proving their eligibility for drawback on either a monthly or a quarterly basis. Persons filing monthly claims must file a bond to protect the revenue and file that bond using this form.

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