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AD/CV Notices: Request Admin Reviews, Sunset Reviews, Copper, Steel

Monday, April 04, 2016
Sandler, Travis & Rosenberg Trade Report

Request Admin Reviews. The International Trade Administration is accepting through May 2 requests to initiate administrative reviews of the antidumping and/or countervailing duty orders on the following products for the periods April 1, 2015, through March 31, 2016 (AD) or Jan. 1 through Dec. 31, 2015 (CV).

- solid fertilizer-grade ammonium nitrate from Russia (AD)

- activated carbon from China (AD)

- drawn stainless steel sinks from China (AD/CV)

- magnesium metal from China (AD)

- non-malleable cast iron pipe fittings from China (AD)

 - steel threaded rod from China (AD)

Sunset Reviews. The ITA and International Trade Commission are initiating sunset reviews of the AD and/or CV duty orders on the following products. These reviews will result in either the revocation or continuation of these orders.

- in-shell raw pistachios from Iran (AD)

- aluminum extrusions from China (AD/CV)

Phosphor Copper. The ITA has initiated an AD duty investigation of phosphor copper from South Korea. Alleged dumping margins range from 12.55 percent to 66.54 percent. The ITA’s preliminary determination is due by Aug. 16.

The product covered by this investigation is master alloys of copper containing between five percent and 17 percent phosphorus by nominal weight, regardless of form (including shot, pellet, waffle, ingot or nugget), size or weight. This product consists predominantly of copper (by weight) and may contain other elements, including iron, lead or tin, in small amounts (up to one percent by nominal weight). Phosphor copper is frequently produced to JIS H2501 and ASTM B-644, Alloy 3A standards or higher, but this investigation covers all phosphor copper regardless of whether it meets, fails to meet or exceeds these standards. The subject product is currently classified under HTSUS subheading 7405.00.1000.

Hot-Rolled Steel. The ITA will initiate in May 2016 a sunset review of the AD duty order on hot-rolled carbon steel flat products from Russia. This review will result in either the revocation or continuation of this order.

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