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STTAS EU Trade Weekly: TTIP, Export Controls, Tariff Cuts, Arms Trade Treaty

Tuesday, January 13, 2015
Sandler, Travis & Rosenberg Trade Report

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European Union

Updated list of dual-use items subject to export controls

The European Commission published on 30 December an updated list of the dual-use items subject to controls on exports, transfer, brokering and transit.

[DG Trade]

TTIP negotiating texts published as part of transparency initiative

The European Commission issued on 7 January a number of the textual proposals the EU has submitted in its negotiations on the Transatlantic Trade and Investment Partnership with the United States. The Commission states that further texts will be published “as they become available” and that the whole text of the agreement will be made public once negotiations have been concluded.

[DG Trade]

Ireland first EU country to resume beef exports to US in 15 years

The U.S. has agreed to allow imports of beef from Ireland, which will be the first EU country granted access to the U.S. market more than 15 years after it was closed off due to concerns about mad cow disease. Authorities in Ireland can now approve individual plants to export beef to the U.S. under an agreed set of criteria.

[Irish Times]

Duty-free imports for nine additional products under tariff quotas

Effective 1 January, the European Commission has granted duty-free entry for specified amounts of nine additional products to ensure a “sufficient and uninterrupted supply” of these goods.

[Official Journal of the EU]

AD/CV proceedings: Iron pipes and tubes, silico-manganese, filament glass fibre products

Pipes and tubes: This proceeding covers tubes and pipes of ductile cast iron (known as spheroidal graphite cast iron) falling within CN codes 7303.00.10 and 7303.00.90.

[Official Journal of the EU]

Silico-manganese: This proceeding covers silico-manganese, including ferro-silico-manganese, falling within CN codes 7202.30.00 and 8111.00.11.

[Official Journal of the EU]

Filament glass fibre products: CV duties of 4.9 percent to 10.3 percent and AD duties of zero to 19.9 percent.

[Official Journal of the EU]

New sanctions regime against Yemen

The European Council published on 18 December a regulation implementing a new United Nations sanctions regime against Yemen, which initially targets three individuals.

[Official Journal of the EU]

Lithuania adopts euro

Lithuania adopted the euro as of 1 January, the 19th EU member state to do so.

[European Commission]

Dispute against U.S. over tax incentives for large civil aircraft

The EU filed on 19 December a dispute settlement case at the World Trade Organization regarding conditional tax incentives offered by the U.S. state of Washington to commercial airplane manufacturers that are allegedly conditioned on local content requirements prohibited under WTO rules.



China ends rare earth minerals export quotas

Effective 1 January, China abolished export quotas on 17 rare earth metals used in high-tech manufacturing in an effort to comply with an adverse WTO ruling.


Treaty regulating international trade in conventional arms takes effect

The Arms Trade Treaty entered into force on 24 December. More than 125 countries have signed the treaty and 61 have ratified it.

[United Nations]

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