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OTI Licensing Notifications to be Posted Online Instead of in Federal Register

Monday, September 22, 2014
Sandler, Travis & Rosenberg Trade Report

The Federal Maritime Commission has confirmed that as of Sept. 22 it will provide notice of ocean transportation intermediary license applications, revocations and suspensions on its Web site instead of in the Federal Register. The FMC believes this change will simplify its business processes, reduce administrative costs and provide more timely public notification of these actions.

The FMC states that it received one comment on this change voicing concern that “reliance solely on a website, without the formal record and archiving functions of Federal Register notices, places the general shipping public, and licensed or registered OTIs in particular, at risk when making or accepting ocean freight bookings with shipper OTIs.” The FMC has responded by clarifying that the intent of this change is not to replace the OTI licensing information it has historically published in the FR solely with the information maintained and listed on its OTI list. Instead, the FMC plans to create a new, dedicated Web page where it will continue to publish the same OTI licensing information it has historically published in the FR; i.e., date of application, license number, applicant name, applicant address, type of application, date of revocation, and reason for revocation. The Commission will also create new Web pages to archive older OTI licensing activity postings for easy reference and historical research so the public and particularly carriers and OTIs can determine the exact, official date the FMC took an action with respect to the licensing status of an OTI.

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