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OTI License Revocations, Reissuances, Applications

Thursday, February 23, 2017
Sandler, Travis & Rosenberg Trade Report

OTI Licenses Revoked. The Federal Maritime Commission has given notice that the following ocean transportation intermediary licenses have been revoked. A revocation may occur after a license is surrendered voluntarily by the OTI or for failure to maintain a valid bond.

- license #019739F: A. J. Keeler U.S.A. Incorporated, Irvine, CA

- license #021870N: AKM International LLC, Jersey City, NJ

- license #024876N: A-Logixtics Group LLC, Houston, TX

- license #003492F: Albert L. Tokin Jr. dba A. L. Tokin Co., Gig Harbor, WA

- license #024181F: Allmia International Corporation, Medley, FL

- license #3934F: America’s World Freight Inc., Miami, FL

- license #3923F: American Cargoes Inc., Suwanee, GA

- license #4116NF: Carver International Inc. dba Flagship Container Line, Erie, PA

- license #026103NF: Conti Line International Inc., Houston, TX

- license #024822N: Cromarti Logistics LLC, Houston, TX

- license #019367N: DHX-Dependable Hawaiian Express Inc. dba DGX, Rancho Dominguez, CA

- license #024801F: Dominicana Pronto Envios Corporation, Palm Springs, FL

- license #018964N: E & M International Transport Inc. dba Worldlink Transport, Los Angeles, CA

- license #019228NF: EDU Support Services LLC, Shelton, CT

- license #3669F: Foreign Commerce Inc., Miami, FL

- license #01344N: Foreign Trade Export Packing Company dba Fortrex Shipping, Houston, TX

- license #338F: Fred P. Gaskell Company Inc., Norfolk, VA

- license #024133F: Global Voyage LLC, Orlando, FL

- license #023521N: Guardian Marine LLC, Allen, TX

- license #2390N: Held & Associates Inc. dba Combined Transport Line, No. Kansas City, MO

- license #019669F: Hoegh Autoliners Inc., Jacksonville, FL

- license #019544NF: Japan Star America Inc. dba Innex America, Gardena, CA

- license #3416N: Lincoln Moving & Storage Company Inc. dba Lincoln International, Kent, WA

- license #021663N: Litmark Inc., Jacksonville, FL

- license #003486F: Mozart Forwarding Inc. dba Mozart Forwarding, Randolph, NJ

- license #019287F: Navicargo Logistics and CFS Inc., Medley, FL

- license #020600N: Noel N. Griffith dba Duncan International Shipping, Brooklyn, NY

- license #023563N: Oceania Logistics Inc., College Point, NY

- license #024515NF: Oceanair Masters Inc., Doral, FL

- license #025552N: One Piece Int’l Corp., Baldwin Park, CA

- license #022869N: Overseas Cargo Inc., Houston, TX

- license #015195N: PAB Shipping Inc. dba PAB Maritime Services, East Stroudsburg, PA

- license #13599NF: Pactrans Air & Sea Inc., Bensenville, IL

- license #022408NF: Pactrans Global LLC, Bensenville, IL

- license #022510N: Pangaea Logistics Inc., Corona, NY

- license #025170N: Premium Logistics North America LLC, Baltimore, MD

- license #018075N: Rapidus LLC, Miramar, FL

- license #025467N: Spectrum Logistics Inc., Jacksonville, FL

- license #021952F: Streamline Trade Management Inc., Brooklyn, NY

- license #025731N: Trico Maritime International USA LLC, Torrance, CA

- license #025813F: Volkmann Express Inc., Lanham, MD

- license #021455N: Windsor Shipping Inc., Hollis, NY

- license #014551N: World Trade Cargo & Logistics Inc., DFW Airport, TX

- license #4281F: Wu, Hwa-Ching dba MD America Co., Houston, TX

OTI Licenses Reissued. The FMC has given notice that the following OTI licenses have been reissued.

- license #025170F: Premium Logistics North America LLC, Baltimore, MD

- license #014551F: World Trade Cargo & Logistics Inc., DFW Airport, TX

OTI License Applications. The FMC has provided notice that the following have filed applications (a) for OTI licenses as non-vessel-operating common carriers and/or ocean freight forwarders or (b) to amend an existing OTI license or the qualifying individual for a licensee.

- Blue Ocean Line Inc., Mineola, NY (new NVO license)

- Northstar Freight International Inc., El Monte, CA (QI change)

- Shiplane Transport Inc., Chicago, IL (additional QI)

- Worldpak Logistics Inc., South Ozone Park, NY (new NVO and OFF license)

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