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OTI License Revocations, Reissuances, Applications

Wednesday, April 25, 2018
Sandler, Travis & Rosenberg Trade Report

Revocations. The Federal Maritime Commission has given notice that the following ocean transportation intermediary licenses have been revoked. A revocation may occur after a license is surrendered voluntarily by the OTI or for failure to maintain a valid bond.

- license #022964NF: Altus Oil & Gas Services Inc. dba Altus Project Logistics, Houston, TX

- license #024940N: Apexim International Inc., Naperville, IL

- license #003628N: Global ASG Cargo Inc., Miami, FL

- license #024311NF: Inter-Commerce Exports LLC dba Ice Shipping Lines, Houston, TX

- license #017012N: Interlogistix LLC, Hudson, CO

- license #026412NF: Jacaju Cargo USA Inc., San Pedro, CA

- license #019659F: Jaime Maduro Santana, Guaynabo, PR

- license #024840NF: Logiworld LLC, Abington, MA

- - license #022394N: New Connect Logistics Inc., Carson, CA

- license #019336NF: Oceanair Logistics Corp., Miami, FL

- license #023767N: One Shipping Inc., Elk Grove Village, IL

- license #018340N: Shipping International Inc., Oakland, CA

- license #17630N: Victory Van Corporation dba Victory Van International, Alexandria, VA

- license #015843F: Viva Shipping Inc., Jamaica, NY

Reissuances. The FMC has given notice that the following OTI licenses have been reissued.

- license #017012F: Interlogistix LLC, Hudson, CO

- license #015843F: Viva Shipping Inc., Jamaica, NY

Applications. The FMC has provided notice that the following have filed applications (a) for OTI licenses as non-vessel-operating common carriers and/or ocean freight forwarders or (b) to amend an existing OTI license or the qualifying individual for a licensee.

- Ablehelp Services Incorporated dba Ablehelp Export Services, Capitol Heights, MD (new NVO license)

- American Customs Brokerage Co. Inc., Honolulu, HI (QI change)

- APL Logistics International Services Ltd., Scottsdale, AZ (QI change)

- Betalink USA LLC, Torrance, CA (QI change)

- Crown Forwarding Inc., Huntington Beach, CA (QI change)

- Heteria LLC dba ICC, Miami, FL (new NVO license)

- MTI Worldwide Logistics Corporation, Seattle, WA (QI change)

- Skex Logistics Inc., Baldwin Park, CA (new NVO and OFF license)

- TTG Shipping International Inc., Oakland, CA (adding NVO services
 Woodland Group Express Inc., Lake Success, NY (new NVO license)

- Woodland International Transport Company Inc., Lake Success, NY (new OFF license)

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