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NAFTA Freight Flows See Small Increase in January

Friday, March 28, 2014
Sandler, Travis & Rosenberg Trade Report

Monthly freight flows between the U.S. and its NAFTA partners saw a small increase in January to $90.3 billion, according to statistics released March 27 by the Department of Transportation. These statistics show that the value of total U.S. trade with Canada and Mexico by all modes of transportation:

- edged up 0.2% from December;

- fell 0.2% from January 2013, including decreases of 4.2% for rail and 1.2% for air (despite a 3.0% increase in exports), increases of 3.0% for pipeline (including 16% for exports) and 0.6% for vessel (where a 10.4% drop in imports was offset by a 21.9% jump in exports), and no change in truck shipments; and

- was up 76.1% compared to January 2004, including increases of 66.7% for truck, 63.2% for rail, 133.6% for pipeline, 33.1% for air and 193.1% for vessel.

U.S.-Canada trade totaled $49.3 billion in January, down 1.4% from December and 3.4% from the previous year. The value of freight carried increased year-on-year for pipeline (1.9%) and vessel (3.7%, including a 64.8% increase in exports) but decreased for truck (4.9%), rail (9.9%) and air (4.8%, including a 13.0% drop in imports).

U.S.-Mexico trade reached $41.1 billion in January, up 2.5% from December and 3.9% from a year earlier. Compared to January 2013, the value of freight increased for truck (5.0%), rail (5.9%) and pipeline (30.6%) but decreased for vessel (5.4%, despite a 0.5% gain in exports) and air (0.4%, where exports gained 14.9% but imports fell 15.6%).

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