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Dates and Deadlines: MTB, Export Controls, International Payments, Duty Savings

Friday, October 07, 2016
Sandler, Travis & Rosenberg Trade Report

Following are highlights of regulatory effective dates and deadlines and federal agency meetings coming up in the next week.

Oct. 11 – deadline for comments on USDA proposal to allow imports of orchids in growing media from Korea

Oct. 11 – deadline for comments to BIS on licensing of agricultural shipments to Cuba

Oct. 11 – deadline for comments to BIS on foreign policy-based export controls

Oct. 11 – ST&R webinar: Non-Resident Importer & Landed Duty Paid Transactions – Duty Savings or Duty Exposure?

Oct. 12 – ST&R webinar: International Payment Options – the Basics

Oct. 13 – deadline for comments to ITC on proposed modifications to Morocco FTA rules of origin

Oct. 13 – ST&R webinar: Tariff Suspensions under the Miscellaneous Tariff Bill: Cost Saving Opportunities for Importers

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