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Relieving Congestion to be Focus of Expanded L.A./Long Beach Port Discussions

Wednesday, March 04, 2015
Sandler, Travis & Rosenberg Trade Report

The Federal Maritime Commission approved Feb. 26 an amendment to a cooperative agreement between the ports of Los Angeles and Long Beach that should help address congestion at the country’s largest port complex.

The Los Angeles and Long Beach Port Infrastructure and Environmental Programs Cooperative Working Agreement, in operation since March 2013, allows the two ports to discuss and agree on projects and programs that address transportation infrastructure needs and reduce pollution caused by port-related activities. The FMC states that the amendment, which became effective Feb. 27, clarifies the purpose of the agreement to more accurately reflect the current goals of the ports and to allow for the discussion of projects and programs with multiple stakeholders in and around the port complex. FMC Chairman Mario Cordero explained that the amended agreement “clarifies and expands the ports’ authorities in order to meet the changing dynamics of the industry and the impacts of those dynamics on the ports’ gateways; enables the two ports to jointly address concerns regarding supply chain issues, operational efficiencies and marine terminal velocities; highlights the ports’ long-term environmental commitments while pursuing future endeavors; renews their commitment to enhance truck drayage and other transport processes and strengthens the ports’ continuing commitments to safety, security and infrastructure development.”

According to the FMC, addressing port congestion is expected to a particular focus of the discussions permitted under the amended agreement. Possible initiatives in this area could include increasing terminal productivity, facilitating chassis availability and usage, and improving drayage truck turn times.

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