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Latin America Trade Bulletin: Reference Values, Trade Promotion, FTAs

Friday, June 12, 2015
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Argentina and Uruguay negotiate local currency payment system

The central banks of Argentina and Uruguay have completed negotiations to establish a voluntary system that will allow importers to pay for their imports using local currencies instead of converting to U.S. dollars. This alternative would mitigate the complications surrounding currency access, especially in Argentina, and aims to reduce money transfer costs.

New criterion values for certain fibers and yarn

Argentina has modified the current reference/criterion values for textured yarn of polyesters classified under NCM 5402.33.00, elastomeric filament yarn classified under NCM 5402.44.00, and polyester staple fiber classified under NCM 5503.20.10 and 5503.20.90 from 13 countries throughout Asia. If such goods have declared values lower than the modified criterion values, which are purportedly aimed at preventing the under-invoicing of imports, the importer must pay a guarantee equivalent to the difference in duties on the declared value and the criterion value.

General Resolution 3776/2015

Duties on capital goods temporarily modified

As authorized by Mercosur, Argentina recently modified its import duties on a range of capital goods of HS Chapters 84, 85, 86, 87 and 90. As a result, duties on these goods will be set at two percent through June 30.

Decree 900/2015

AD duty order on ceramic insulators

Argentina has issued an antidumping duty order on certain ceramic insulators classified under NCM 8546.20.00 from Brazil, China and Colombia. As a result, imports of these goods will be subject to the following AD duties for the next five years: 70.97 percent (Brazil), 227.74 percent (China) and 21.39 percent (Colombia).

Resolution 410/2015


Chilean minister resigns amid corruption allegations

Presidency Minister Jorge Insunza resigned his office after only 28 days after admitting that he owned a consulting company involved in the elaboration of political reports for the mining industry while he presided over the Mining Commission in the Chamber of Deputies. Chilean law does not currently forbid politicians from conducting parallel private activity, though that is expected to change in the short term.

[America Economia] 

Chile-Thailand FTA expected to enter into force soon

Chilean authorities indicated on June 9 that Chile and Thailand are working to implement their bilateral free trade agreement as soon as possible. The deal, which contains provisions on topics such as market access for goods, rules of origin, sanitary and phytosanitary measures, customs procedures, trade remedies, technical barriers to trade, services and financial services, was approved by the Chilean Chamber of Deputies in early June and is now being considered by the Chilean Senate. This will be Chile’s fifth FTA with a member of the Association of Southeast Asian Nations.

Chile’s General Directorate for International Economic Relations

Modifications to FTAs with Australia and Vietnam approved

Chile recently approved the following modifications to its FTAs with Australia and Vietnam.

- changes to the list of central government entities and the list of other covered entities in the government procurement chapter of the Chile-Australia FTA

Decree 9/2015

- two corrections to the Chile-Vietnam FTA certificate of origin language

Decree 12/2015

Temporary duty reduction on sugar extended

For the month of June Chile will reduce duties on imports of raw sugar and refined sugar in grades 1 through 4 and sub-standard grade classified under HTSCL 1701.12.00, 1701.13.00, 1701.14.00, 1701.91.00, 1701.99.10, 1701.99.20 and 1701.99.90. The deductions are US$29.75 per ton for raw sugar, US$120.65 per ton for refined sugar in grades 1 and 2, and US$66.11 per ton for refined sugar in grades 3 and 4 and sub-standard grade.

Exempt Decree 146/2015

Ban on blood products from countries affected by porcine epidemic diarrhea

Chile has banned for a period of six months the importation of pig blood products originating in countries affected by the new variant of the porcine epidemic diarrhea virus. The prohibition will apply to all blood products made after May 23, 2014. Chilean authorities have imposed temporary bans on live swine and pig blood products originating in countries affected by PED at various times over the past year.

Resolution 3377/2015


New plan to promote economic growth and exports

The Colombian government has unveiled a new plan to promote economic and industrial growth and exports. The plan includes duty-free treatment for capital goods and raw materials not produced in Colombia, a simplification of administrative procedures (including the elimination of certain non-tariff barriers), new financing facilities for businesses, and various institutional adjustments aimed at facilitating trade.

Colombia’s Ministry of Trade, Industry and Tourism

FTA with Costa Rica advances in Colombian congress

Legislation to implement the FTA was approved May 26 by a committee in the House of Representatives. Once it has the backing of the full House the bill will go to the president for approval. Colombia sees the FTA as a way to diversify its exports to Costa Rica, 97 percent of which currently come from the energy sector, while Costa Rica sees it as a key step toward joining the Pacific Alliance.

[International Centre for Trade and Sustainable Development]

Preliminary AD determination on ceramic tiles from China

Colombia has decided to proceed to the final phase of its AD investigation of ceramic tiles and paving classified under HTSCO 6907.90.0000 and 6908.90.0000 from China without the imposition of any provisional measures.

Resolution 099/2015


IMF assures Peru is on road to economic recovery

Alejandro Santos, the International Monetary Fund’s representative in Lima, said Peru’s economy appears to be on track for recovery and should continue to experience strong growth. Santos praised newly adopted measures that he said will increase investment and make construction more dynamic.

[America Economia]

Peru and Honduras sign FTA

Honduras and Peru signed a bilateral FTA May 29 following intense work by the negotiating teams. The negotiations were suspended in 2011 but resumed last year and were recently finalized after the two countries were able to bridge differences in the areas of market access, origin rules and government procurement. A broad range of Peruvian products will benefit from duty-free treatment in Honduras immediately upon entry into force of the agreement.

Peru’s Ministry of Foreign Trade and Tourism

Peruvian non-traditional agricultural exports on the rise

Exports of non-traditional agricultural products grew by 4.6 percent from January to April, in contrast to a decline in exports of traditional agricultural products. Mangoes are among the leaders of these new sector exports, up more than $30 million over the same period in 2014, followed by fresh asparagus and avocadoes.

[Marco Trade News]

AD duty order on Chinese apparel rescinded

Peru has rescinded its AD duty order on certain apparel from China, including certain shirts, socks, trousers, shorts, polo shirts and underwear. Imports of these goods below a certain FOB price had been subject to a specific AD duty ranging from US$0.12 per unit to US$3.73 per unit since December 2013.

Resolution 0293-2015/SDC-INDECOPI


Germany to aid Uruguay in developing smart factories

An initiative by the German-Uruguayan Chamber of Commerce aims to bring smart factory technology to Uruguay. The proposal, intended to provide increased efficiency and productivity to the Uruguayan industry, is under review by the executive branch. Manufacturers believe modernizing the production chain will enable them to create more customized products.



Mercosur to present united front at UNECLAC-EU summit

Argentinean and Brazilian ministers said the Latin American bloc would present a united front at a forthcoming summit of the United Nations Economic Commission for Latin America and the Caribbean and the European Union, with an eye toward advancing negotiations on a bilateral FTA. These declarations seek to dispel rumors of separate negotiations to be conducted with the EU by Mercosur’s biggest partners, Argentina and Brazil.

[Marco Trade News]

Chinese prime minister’s Latin America tour ends

Chinese Prime Minister Li Keqiang toured Brazil, Peru, Colombia and Chile during the last week of May to strengthen bonds with these countries. Highlights of the visit include a memorandum of understanding on the construction of a railroad connection between Brazil and Peru, which would stretch 4,400 km between the Pacific and Atlantic oceans and cost around $10 billion. Other important announcements included the reopening of China’s market for Brazilian meat exporters and the launch of FTA negotiations with Colombia.

[International Centre for Trade and Sustainable Development]

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