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IPR News: LCD Devices, Streaming Devices, Wireless Devices

Wednesday, May 27, 2020
Sandler, Travis & Rosenberg Trade Report

The International Trade Commission has recently announced the following actions in intellectual property rights infringement investigations. For more information on pursuing or mitigating IPR-related import restrictions, please contact customs and trade attorney Lee Sandler at (305) 894-1000.

LCD devices – institution of patent infringement investigation 337-TA-1201 of liquid crystal display devices, components thereof, and products containing the same (complainants Sharp Corporation and Sharp Electronics Corporation; respondents located in China, Hong Kong, Mexico, and the U.S.)

Streaming devices – institution of patent infringement investigation 337-TA-1200 of electronic devices, including streaming players, televisions, set top boxes, remote controllers, and components thereof (complainant Universal Electronics Inc., respondents located in Hong Kong, China, Vietnam, Japan, Thailand, and the U.S.)

Wireless devices – termination of patent infringement investigation 337-TA-1180 of wireless communication devices and related components thereof with respect to five patent claims withdrawn by complainant Innovation Sciences LLC

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