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Members Sought for U.S.-Iraq Business Dialogue

Tuesday, December 03, 2013
Sandler, Travis & Rosenberg Trade Report

The International Trade Administration is inviting applications through Dec. 13 for up to 10 members on the U.S. section of the U.S.-Iraq Business Dialogue. The Dialogue encourages bilateral discussions that address the following areas.

- factors that affect the growth of private sector business in Iraq, including disincentives to trade and investment and regulatory obstacles to job creation and investment growth

- initiatives that the government of Iraq might take, such as enacting, amending, enforcing or repealing laws and regulations, to promote private sector business growth in Iraq

- promotion of business opportunities in both Iraq and the United States and identification of opportunities for U.S. and Iraqi firms to work together

- attracting U.S. businesses to opportunities in Iraq and serving as a catalyst for Iraqi private sector growth

Applications to represent any industry sector will be considered and members will represent the views and interests of their particular industries. Candidates will be evaluated based on their interest in the Iraqi market, export/investment experience in the Iraqi market, contribution to diversity based on size, geographic location and sector, and ability to initiate and be responsible for activities in which the Dialogue will be active.

To be eligible for membership in the U.S. section, potential candidates must be (1) a U.S. citizen residing in the U.S. or able to travel to the U.S. or other location to attend official Dialogue meetings; (2) the president or CEO (or comparable level of responsibility) of a private sector company, or, in the case of large companies, a person having substantial responsibility for the company’s commercial activities in Iraq, either of whom must possess unique experience with or specialized knowledge about the commercial environment in Iraq; or the head of a non-profit entity, such as a trade or industry association, who possesses unique technical expertise and the ability to provide counsel with respect to private sector business development in Iraq; and (3) not a registered foreign agent or federally registered lobbyist.

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