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FTZ Production Activity at Facilities for Electronic Parts, Electric Fans and Kitchen Ranges

Wednesday, June 05, 2013
Sandler, Travis & Rosenberg Trade Report

The Foreign-Trade Zones Board has authorized production activity under zone procedures at the Panasonic Corporation of North America facility within site 31 of FTZ 50 in Anaheim, Calif., which is used for the kitting of consumer electronics parts into retail packages.

In addition, the FTZ Board is accepting through July 15 comments on the following notifications of proposed production activity.

- Lasko Products Inc., an operator of FTZ 39, has submitted a notification of proposed production activity for its facilities in Fort Worth, Texas, which are used for the production of household electric fans. FTZ activity would be limited to the following foreign-status materials and components: plastic labels, parts of fans (housings, grills, pedestal assemblies, blades), electric motors, electronic transmitters, electrical cords and switches, fasteners, metal name plates, paper manuals and paperboard cartons (duty rates from zero to 6.2%).

- Roper Corporation, operator of subzone 26G, has submitted a notification of proposed production activity at its facility in Lafayette, Ga. This subzone currently has authority to produce various types of kitchen ranges using certain imported components, and the current request would add imported components to the scope of authority.

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