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New Florida FTZ Sought; Board Actions on Bandages, Light Towers, Cosmetics, Electronic Components

Thursday, March 27, 2014
Sandler, Travis & Rosenberg Trade Report

New Florida FTZ. The Foreign-Trade Zones Board has received from the City of Leesburg a request to establish a foreign-trade zone within Lake County, Fla., adjacent to the Leesburg U.S. Customs and Border Protection user fee airport, under the alternative site framework. Several firms have indicated an interest in using zone procedures for warehousing and distribution activities in this area for a variety of products, but specific production approvals are not being sought at this time. Comments on this request are due no later than May 27.

Adhesive Bandages. The FTZ Board is accepting through April 28 comments on new evidence submitted in connection with an application for expanded production authority at the ASO LLC facility within FTZ 169 in Sarasota, Fla., which is used for the production of plastic and textile fabric adhesive bandages. ASO’s request would add certain foreign-status textile products to the existing scope of authority, and ASO has now submitted new evidence in response to the examiner’s preliminary recommendation not to approve the request.

Light Towers. The FTZ Board has authorized production activity under zone procedures at the Grandwatt Electric Corporation facility within FTZ 20 in Suffolk, Va., which is used for the production of portable light towers and diesel-powered generator sets for residential, commercial and industrial applications.

Cosmetics and Personal Hygiene Products. The FTZ Board has authorized production activity under zone procedures at the Sonoco Display and Packaging facility within FTZ 230 in Rural Hall and Winston-Salem, N.C. Sonoco already had authority to produce various cosmetic and personal hygiene gift sets within this zone, and the FTZ Board has now approved the addition of deodorant/antiperspirant and body wash gift sets and certain foreign components to the scope of authority. This authorization is subject to a restriction that all foreign bags, handbags, clutches, and cases of textile materials (classified within HTSUS4202.12.4000, 4202.12.6000, 4202.12.8020, 4202.12.8030, 4202.12.8040, 4202.12.8060, 4202.12.8070, 4202.12.8080, 4202.22.4020, 4202.22.4030, 4202.22.4040, 4202.22.4500, 4202.22.6000, 4202.22.8030, 4202.22.8050, 4202.22.8080, 4202.32.4000, 4202.32.8000, 4202.32.9530, 4202.32.9550, 4202.32.9560, 4202.92.0805, 4202.92.0807, 4202.92.0809, 4202.92.1500, 4202.92.2000, 4202.92.3016, 4202.92.3020, 4202.92.3031, 4202.92.3091, 4202.92.6091, 4202.92.9026 and 4202.92.9036) used in the production activity be admitted to the zone in privileged foreign status or domestic (duty-paid) status.

Consumer Electronics Components. The FTZ Board has approved the establishment of subzone 221A at the Apple Inc./GT Advanced Technologies Inc. facility in Mesa, Ariz.

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