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Filing License Applications, Complaints, Agreements with FMC to be More Expensive

Monday, October 08, 2018
Sandler, Travis & Rosenberg Trade Report

The Federal Maritime Commission has issued a direct final rule making a number of adjustments to its user fees. These changes will be effective as of Dec. 19 unless significant adverse comments are filed prior to Nov. 5, in which case the FMC will withdraw this rule no later than Nov. 19.

The paper application fees for a new ocean transportation intermediary license, or a change to an OTI license or license transfer, are nearly doubling to $1,962 and $1,548, respectively. The fees for filing such documents electronically will remain $250 and $150, respectively.

Fees for filing informal small claims, record searches, document duplication, certification and validation of documents, and applying for non-attorney admission to practice are being increased, often by 25 percent or more.

Other fees that are being increased or decreased by less than 10 percent include those assessed for filing complaints and petitions, requests for permission to refund or waive freight charges, corrections to service contracts, and new and amended maritime agreements.

This rule also eliminates the fee for being placed on a mailing list to receive all issuances pertaining to a specific docket.

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