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FDA Approves Use of Certain Pigments as Color Additives in Distilled Spirits

Wednesday, June 12, 2013
Sandler, Travis & Rosenberg Trade Report

The Food and Drug Administration has issued a final rule that, effective July 15, will amend the color additive regulations to allow the use of mica-based pearlescent pigments prepared from titanium dioxide and mica as color additives at a level of up to 0.07% by weight in distilled spirits containing not less than 18% and not more than 23% alcohol by volume, but not including distilled spirits mixtures containing more than 5% wine on a proof gallon basis. Such pigments may currently be used as color additives in amounts up to 1.25% by weight in cereals, confections and frostings, gelatin desserts, hard and soft candies (including lozenges), nutritional supplement tablets and gelatin capsules, and chewing gum. In addition, mica-based pearlescent pigments prepared from titanium dioxide, iron oxide and mica are permitted for use as color additives in ingested drugs and contact lenses.

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