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FDA Seeks Input on Reporting Requirements for Exporters of Certain Animal-Derived Products to the EU

Thursday, December 26, 2013
Sandler, Travis & Rosenberg Trade Report

The Food and Drug Administration will accept comments through Feb. 24 on the reporting requirements associated with the lists of U.S. firms/processors exporting shell eggs, dairy products, game meat, game meat products, animal casings, gelatin and collagen to the European Union. For certain food products EU legislation requires assurances from the responsible authority of the country of origin that the processor of the food is in compliance with applicable regulatory requirements. The European Commission requires countries trading with any of the EU member countries to provide lists of firms and processors approved to export certain animal-derived commodities to the EU.

Required information for firms and processors seeking to be included on the lists for shell eggs, dairy products, game meat, game meat products and animal casings include business name and address; name and phone number of the person designated as business contact; list of products presently being shipped to the EU and those intended to be shipped in the next six months; name and address of manufacturing plants for each product; and names and affiliations of any federal, state or local governmental agencies that inspect the plant, government-assigned plant identifier such as plant number, and last date of inspection. Similar information is required in order to be included on the lists for gelatin and raw, bulk collagen.

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