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STTAS EU Trade Weekly: Russia FTA, Origin Labeling, IPR, HS Changes

Tuesday, January 27, 2015
Sandler, Travis & Rosenberg Trade Report

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European Union

Chancellor Merkel offers Russia free trade talks

German Chancellor Angela Merkel has offered Russia negotiations with the EU on the “possibilities of cooperation in a joint trade area.” In return, Berlin expects “a comprehensive resolution” of the conflict in Ukraine.

[Deutsche Welle]

Food safety MEPs call for country of origin labelling of meat in processed foods

The resolution, passed by 48 votes to 15 with 4 abstentions, urges the European Commission to follow up its 2013 report on the issue with legislative proposals to make it mandatory to state the country of origin of meat used in processed foods in order to ensure more transparency throughout the food chain and better inform European consumers.

[European Parliament]

EU amends tariff quotas for chocolate, sugar confectionery and biscuits

The levels of 2,026 tonnes of chocolate, 2,289 tonnes of sugar confectionery not containing cocoa, and 409 tonnes of certain biscuits apply from 1 July 2014.

[EU Official Journal]

EU lifts ban on mangoes from India

Imports will be able to start again in about a month's time, once new EU legislation has been formally adopted and published by the European Commission. However, imports of aubergines, bitter gourds, snake gourds and patra leaves remain suspended subject to sustained improvements in plant pest control.


EU and Kazakhstan initial Enhanced Partnership and Cooperation Agreement

Among other things, the agreement ensures a better regulatory environment for economic operators in areas such as trade in services, establishment and operation of companies, capital movements, raw materials and energy, government procurement and intellectual property rights. 

[European External Action Service]

EU offers help on preventing IPR infringing exports from China

The European Commission has made available an e-learning module that provides an interactive guide on how the Chinese General Administration of Customs can be used to prevent IPR infringing goods from leaving China.

[China-IPR Helpdesk]


WCO publishes HS nomenclature amendments effective 1 January 2017

More than 200 amendments to the Harmonized System Nomenclature will enter into force on 1 January 2017, including 85 for the agricultural sector, 45 for the chemical sector, 25 for the machinery sector, 18 for the transport sector, 15 for the textile sector, 13 for the wood sector, and six for the base metal sector.


India-ASEAN investment and services FTA to be effective on 1 July

An FTA in goods was implemented in 2010, and the two sides signed the FTA in services and investment in September 2014 after nearly a decade of negotiations. At least four ASEAN nations have ratified the pact so far.

[Myanmar Business News]

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