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EPA Proposes Uses of Methyl Bromide that Qualify for 2016 Critical Use Exemption

Friday, June 12, 2015
Sandler, Travis & Rosenberg Trade Report

The Environmental Protection Agency is proposing uses that qualify for the critical use exemption from the phaseout of methyl bromide and the amount of methyl bromide that may be produced or imported for those uses for the 2016 control period. Comments on these issues are due no later than July 13.

Under the Clean Air Act, methyl bromide consumption (i.e., production plus imports minus exports) and production was phased out Jan. 1, 2005, apart from allowable exemptions such as the critical use exemption and the quarantine and preshipment exemptions. The critical use exemption is designed to permit the production and import of methyl bromide for uses that do not have technically and economically feasible alternatives or substitutes and for which the lack of methyl bromide would result in significant market disruption. The proposed critical uses for 2016 affect strawberry fruit and dry cured pork products.

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