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DOE Moves Forward with Energy Conservation Rulemakings for Various Products

Tuesday, October 22, 2013
Sandler, Travis & Rosenberg Trade Report

The Department of Energy has taken three actions of potential interest to importers, exporters and manufacturers of dehumidifiers, ceiling fans, and certain commercial and industrial equipment. First, the DOE is proposing to require manufacturers to test dehumidifiers using only the active mode provisions in the energy conservation test procedures for those products to determine compliance with the existing energy conservation standards. The appendix in its entirety would be required for use by manufacturers that make representations of standby mode or off mode energy use, and, after the compliance date for any amended energy conservation standards enacted in the future that incorporate measures of standby mode and off mode energy use, to demonstrate compliance with such amended standards. In addition, the DOE is proposing to remove from use the test procedure for dehumidifiers because that procedure would be made redundant by the proposed amendments.

The DOE is also seeking information to inform its current rulemaking to consider setting minimum energy conservation standards for ceiling fans. The agency is particularly interested in receiving input regarding the interaction between ceiling fans and air conditioning usage.

In a separate proposal, the DOE intends to review and expand the regulations governing the use of particular methods as alternatives to testing for the purposes of certifying compliance with the applicable energy conservation standards and the reporting of related ratings for commercial and industrial equipment covered by the Energy Policy and Conservation Act. That proposal would also amend the compliance dates for the initial certification of commercial heating, ventilating, air-conditioning, water heating and refrigeration equipment.

Interested parties may submit comments on any of these proposals by Nov. 21.

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