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Canada Adds Self-Assessment Program Benefit, Extends Participation to U.S. Firms

Wednesday, July 23, 2014
Sandler, Travis & Rosenberg Trade Report

The Canada Border Services Agency announced July 21 additional benefits under its Customs Self-Assessment program as a deliverable under the Beyond the Border Action Plan between Canada and the U.S.

- The new CSA-Platinum benefit is available to CSA importers who voluntarily demonstrate that their business systems, internal controls and self-testing processes are effective and reliable at ensuring trade compliance. CSA-Platinum aims to help CSA importers attain the highest rate of compliance with the CBSA’s trade programs since importers will be directly responsible for verification and testing of their trade program compliance. By doing so, CSA-Platinum members will be subject to fewer CBSA trade compliance verifications.

- Non-resident importers in the U.S. will now be eligible to apply to participate in the CSA importer program, which offers low-risk, pre-approved companies streamlined clearance of eligible goods when using a CSA-authorized importer, a CSA-authorized carrier and an approved commercial driver. Previously, only importers residing in Canada or corporations who had their head office in Canada or operated a branch office in Canada were eligible to participate in CSA.

- The CBSA has launched a new online trusted trader portal that allows companies to apply for membership in the Partners in Protection program and allows existing members to maintain their membership online. The portal will serve as the foundation for future phases of Trusted Trader enhancements, including the streamlined exchange of program information between the Trusted Trader and the U.S. Customs-Trade Partnership Against Terrorism portals.

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