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CBP Classification Rulings on Ceramic Plate, Plastic Placemats, Thermal Transfer Ribbons, Power Distribution Units

Friday, January 03, 2014
Sandler, Travis & Rosenberg Trade Report

In the Jan. 2, 2014, Customs Bulletin and Decisions, U.S. Customs and Border Protection proposed to revoke or modify classification rulings on the following products. Comments are due by Feb. 3.

Product: Brick type plate used in ballistic jackets.
Proposed action: Revocation of NY N016133.
Current classification: HTSUS 6903.20.00, other refractory ceramic goods (duty-free).
Proposed classification: HTSUS 6914.90.80, other ceramic articles (5.6% duty).
Explanation: Refractory goods of heading 6903 are fired articles that can resist temperatures of 1,500 degree Celsius or higher, and CBP has reasoned that merchandise of a type not regularly subjected to such temperatures is not classified in this heading.

Product: Plastic placemat and coaster set.
Proposed action: Revocation of NY N020816.
Current classification: HTSUS 3924.10.4000, other plastic tableware and kitchenware (3.4% duty).
Proposed classification: HTSUS 3924.90.10, plastic table covers, mats and like articles (3.3% duty).
Explanation: The placemats are not used in the preparation of food or beverages, are not as necessary to place settings as utensils, plates, glasses, etc., cannot be used for storing or displaying foods, and are not items from which a consumer would directly consume food.

Product: Thermal transfer ribbons designed to be used solely with dye sublimation printers.
Proposed action: Revocation of NY N022500.
Current classification: HTSUS 8443.99.2550, other parts and accessories of printing machinery (duty-free).
Proposed classification: HTSUS 3702.39.01 or 3702.44.01 (depending on whether imported in a width exceeding 105 mm), other photographic film (3.7% duty).
Explanation: The thermal transfer process is a photographic process because it permits the formation of visible images directly or indirectly by the action of light or other forms of radiation on sensitive surfaces.

Product: Power distribution units used in computer rooms and computer cabinets to distribute power to computers, routers, modems and other devices.
Proposed action: Revocation of NY G89656 and NY I81158 and modification of NY B88396.
Current classification: HTSUS 8471.80.1000, control or adapter units of automatic data processing machines (duty-free) or 8536.69.8000, other lamp holders, plugs and sockets (2.7% duty).
Proposed classification: HTSUS 8537.10.90, other boards, panels, etc. for electric control or the distribution of electricity (2.7% duty).
Explanation: The PDUs have an AC on/off power switch, surge suppressor, plug and sockets and as such have two or more apparatus of heading 8536. CBP has consistently classified PDUs with two or more apparatus of heading 8536 in heading 8537.

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