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Labor Progress in CAFTA-DR Countries is Topic of Labor Dept. Inquiry

Tuesday, October 28, 2014
Sandler, Travis & Rosenberg Trade Report

The Labor Department is requesting no later than Nov. 10 public comments that will be used in the preparation of a biennial report to Congress on the progress made by CAFTA-DR countries in implementing the labor obligations and the labor capacity-building provisions found in Chapter 16 (the labor chapter) and Annex 16.5. Comments are particularly sought on the following topics.

- capacity-building efforts by the U.S. government envisaged by Article 16.5 of the labor chapter and Annex 16.5

- efforts by the U.S. government to facilitate full implementation of the recommendations contained in a paper entitled, “The Labor Dimension in Central America and the Dominican Republic--Building on Progress: Strengthening Compliance and Enhancing Capacity”

- efforts made by CAFTA-DR countries to comply with Article 16.5 of the labor chapter and Annex 16.5 and to fully implement the white paper recommendations, including progress made in affording workers internationally-recognized worker rights through improved capacity

The DOL notes that since CAFTA-DR came into force the department’s Office of Trade and Labor Affairs has received and accepted three submissions under the labor chapter. Public reports were issued in January 2009 regarding Guatemala and September 2013 regarding the Dominican Republic, and a third report regarding Honduras is expected this year.

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