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No Electronic Export Filing to be Required for ATA Carnet Shipments, Reports Say

Thursday, September 04, 2014
Sandler, Travis & Rosenberg Trade Report

According to two industry sources, a filing exemption for exports shipped under ATA carnets will soon be restored, eliminating the need for electronic export information for such shipments to be filed in the Automated Export System as of Oct. 2.

ATA carnets are international customs documents that allow for the duty-free and tax-free temporary import and export of goods. They cover commercial samples, professional equipment, and goods for presentation or use at trade fairs, shows, exhibitions and the like; e.g., computers, repair tools, photographic and film equipment, musical instruments, industrial machinery, vehicles, jewelry, clothing, medical appliances, prehistoric relics, ballet costumes, rock group sound systems, etc.

Revisions to the Foreign Trade Regulations that took effect April 5 and will be enforced beginning Oct. 2 removed an export filing exemption for ATA carnet shipments. Users protested that this step would increase costs and hinder efforts to boost exports, which has been a trade priority for the Obama administration. Now, both Roanoke Insurance Group and Boomerang Carnets report, Census Bureau and U.S. Customs and Border Protection officials have confirmed that the exemption will be reinstated, with a formal rule change expected in the near future.

Both sources emphasize that this reporting exemption applies only to ATA carnets that cover commodities that do not require export licenses and that controlled exports will continue to require an EEI filing.

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