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In the News: AD/CV Circumvention, U.S.-UK Talks, Food Facility Violations

Thursday, March 05, 2020
Sandler, Travis & Rosenberg Trade Report

Commerce, to enforce duties, finds more circumvention cases

“‘Petitioners cannot be allowed to manipulate their anti-dumping statute by defining scope one way in the petition and during the ITC investigation, and then nearly six months later attempting to relitigate scope issues and unlawfully expanding the scope under the guise of an anti-circumvention request,’ Sarah Yuskaitis, a [Sandler, Travis & Rosenberg] lawyer representing an importer, said at one hearing. ‘This violates all notions of fair play and due process and is inconsistent with the department's mandate to fairly and accurately administer the anti-dumping and countervailing duty laws.’” 


U.S.-UK trade deal talks could slip

UK Prime Minister Boris Johnson’s “more circumspect tone reflects the realization that a trade deal with the United States was always going to be far less important for Britain than its parallel talks with the European Union, given their greater trade and closer integration. And as the trans-Atlantic talks get underway, the politics of a deal are becoming increasingly complicated on both sides of the ocean.”

[New York Times]

Foreign supplier verification most common violation in FDA food facility inspections

“In 2017, the first year after the initial deadlines, Register Corp. said FDA cited 108 importers for failing to develop an FSVP. In 2018, FDA cited 289 importers for this violation. This past year that number jumped to 340, a 17 percent increase.”

[Food Safety News]

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