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AD/CV: Silicon Metal, Aluminum Extrusions

Tuesday, March 14, 2017
Sandler, Travis & Rosenberg Trade Report

Silicon Metal. The International Trade Commission has announced the schedule for the preliminary phase of its AD and CV injury investigations of silicon metal from Australia, Brazil and Kazakhstan. The conference will be held March 29 and written submissions are due by April 3. The ITC’s preliminary injury vote is expected to take place on April 21.

Silicon metal is typically used as an alloying agent in aluminum production and by the chemical industry. It contains at least 85.00 percent but less than 99.99 percent silicon, and less than 4.00 percent iron, by actual weight, and it is currently classifiable under HTSUS 2804.69.1000 and 2804.69.5000. All forms and sizes of silicon metal, including silicon metal powder, are covered by this petition. Semiconductor grade silicon (containing at least 99.99 percent silicon by actual weight and classifiable under HTSUS 2804.61.0000) is excluded from the scope.

Aluminum Extrusions. The ITC has issued a final affirmative injury determination in its sunset review of the AD and CV duty orders on certain aluminum extrusions from China. As a result, these orders will be extended for another five years.

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