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AD/CV: Aluminum Wire and Cable, Sodium Gluconate, Paper, Bearings

Thursday, October 18, 2018
Sandler, Travis & Rosenberg Trade Report

Aluminum Wire and Cable. The International Trade Administration has initiated antidumping and countervailing duty investigations of aluminum wire and cable from China. The alleged dumping margins are 53.54 percent to 63.47 percent. The ITA’s preliminary determinations are due by Dec. 17 (CV) and Feb. 28 (AD).

Aluminum wire and cable is defined as an assembly of one or more electrical conductors made from 8000 series aluminum alloys, aluminum alloy 1350, and/or aluminum alloy 6201, provided that at least one of the conductors is insulated, each insulated conductor has a voltage rating greater than 80 volts and not exceeding 1000 volts, and at least one conductor is stranded and has a size not less than 16.5 thousand circular mil (kcmil) and not greater than 1000 kcmil. The assembly may include a grounding or neutral conductor; be clad with aluminum, steel, or other base metal; or include a steel support center wire, one or more connectors, a tape shield, a jacket or other covering, and/or filler materials. Covered goods are currently classifiable under HTSUS 8544.49.9000 and may also enter under HTSUS 8544.42.9090.

The scope of the investigations specifically excludes (a) conductors included in equipment already assembled at the time of importation and (b) aluminum wire and cable products in actual lengths less than six feet.

Sodium Gluconate. The International Trade Commission has made final affirmative AD and CV injury determinations on sodium gluconate, gluconic acid, and derivative products from China. As a result, the ITA will issue AD and CV duty orders on this product.

Uncoated Paper. In the final results of its administrative review of the CV duty order on uncoated paper from Indonesia for the period June 29, 2015, through Dec. 31, 2016, the ITA has determined net subsidy rates of 11.71 percent for 2015 and 5.13 percent for 2016 for one reviewed company. CV duties based on these rates will be assessed on entries of subject goods from this company during the period of review, and CV cash deposits at the 2016 rate will be required for subject goods from this company entered or withdrawn from warehouse for consumption on or after Oct. 17.

Tapered Roller Bearings. Effective Oct. 17, the ITA has continued the AD duty order on tapered roller bearings and parts thereof, finished and unfinished, from China. The scope of this order covers TRBs; flange, take up cartridge, and hanger units incorporating TRBs; and tapered roller housings (except pillow blocks) incorporating tapered rollers, with or without spindles, whether or not for automotive use. These products are currently classifiable under HTSUS 8482.20.00, 8482.91.00.50, 8482.99.15, 8482.99.45, 8483.20.40, 8483.20.80, 8483.30.80, 8483.90.20, 8483.90.30, 8483.90.80, 8708.99.80.15 and 8708.99.80.80.

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