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Treasury Reviewing Information Collections on ACE, Drawback, Cigars

Thursday, July 28, 2016
Sandler, Travis & Rosenberg Trade Report

The Treasury Department’s Alcohol and Tobacco Tax and Trade Bureau is requesting comments no later than Aug. 29 on the following information collections.

Drawback on Wines Exported (form TTB F 5120.24). Exporters of tax-paid domestic wine may claim drawback of the federal excise tax paid or determined on the exported wine and use this form to document the exportation and submit drawback claims. TTB uses the provided information to determine if the exported wine is eligible for drawback and to calculate the amount of drawback due.

Tobacco Products Importer or Manufacturer - Records of Large Cigar Wholesale Prices. The Internal Revenue Code imposes a federal excise tax on large cigars based on a percentage of the price for which they are sold. Manufacturers and importers must maintain a list of large cigar sale prices, which provides TTB a means of verifying that the correct amount of tax was determined and ultimately paid.

Alternate Method - ACE and PGA Message Set for Imports Regulated by TTB. TTB administers several provisions of the U.S. Code that relate to the importation of alcohol beverages, industrial spirits, tobacco products, processed tobacco, and cigarette papers and tubes. With regard to imports, TTB intends to issue an alternate method to allow importers to submit the TTB partner government agency message set electronically through the Automated Commercial Environment in lieu of submitting paper documents to U.S. Customs and Border Protection at importation. This information collection covers the data that would be submitted electronically through ACE under that alternate method.

TTB states that most of the information that the alternate method will require importers to submit through ACE is already required by TTB's regulations but that there are some additional requirements. For example, importers who are required to have a TTB permit number will submit it when filing electronically in ACE. In general, importers of TTB-regulated commodities are required to obtain a permit from TTB, but they have not previously been required by regulation to file the permit number with CBP.

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