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Newest ACE Deployment Prepares Way for Air Export Manifest Filing, More PGA Message Set Pilots

Thursday, October 23, 2014
Sandler, Travis & Rosenberg Trade Report

U.S. Customs and Border Protection reports that on Oct. 18 it implemented the second release of Deployment D of Automated Commercial Environment functionality, which includes the following features.

Cargo/Manifest/Entry Release Query. A new Automated Broker Interface query capability allows filers to request cargo, manifest and entry record status information that is on file in ACE. This query will provide (1) processing status for an ACE cargo release entry, including selectivity results; (2) manifest details related to an ACE cargo release entry transaction; (3) ACE ocean and rail import manifest status information, queried by bill of lading; and (4) in-bond entry transactions filed via manifest or the ABI QP/WP in-bond program. Additionally, participants can now choose to limit or expand the amount of data returned in a query by selecting to receive only the most recent notification, the five most recent notifications or all available notifications for the queried entry, bill of lading, air waybill or in-bond entry. The current ACS cargo/manifest status query will continue to be available until ACS is decommissioned.

Air Export Manifest. CBP has developed functionality to support the filing of the air export manifest in ACE but notification of the air export manifest pilot is pending CBP’s publication of a Federal Register notice soliciting pilot participants. ACE air export manifest has been programmed in the cargo IMP message set, version 16 (available through the International Air Transport Association) and work is being done to incorporate additional message sets. The draft version of the Air CAMIR for export manifest is also posted on

PGA Message Set. CBP has completed development of the underlying ACE functionality that will enable electronic partner government agency data collection from the trade and is working with several agencies on the next steps for pilot activities covering the following.

Environmental Protection Agency – hazardous materials (exports), pesticides, vehicles and engines

Animal and Plant Health Inspection Service – Lacey Act

Centers for Disease Control and Prevention – products of human origin

National Highway Traffic Safety Administration – HS-7 form

National Marine Fisheries Service – 370, highly migratory species, Antarctic marine living resources

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