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Global Safeguard Petition on Unwrought Aluminum Suspended

Monday, April 25, 2016
Sandler, Travis & Rosenberg Trade Report

The United Steelworkers announced April 22 the suspension of its section 201 global safeguard petition on primary unwrought aluminum, which had sought a four-year schedule of higher tariffs to combat what the USW said was a “flood” of imports injuring the domestic industry. The withdrawal appears to have prompted the International Trade Commission to remove from its web site a notice announcing its institution of a section 201 investigation.

The USW had sought the immediate imposition of an additional 50 percent duty on imports of primary unwrought aluminum and then a four-year schedule of safeguard duties that would have started at 50 percent and declined to 35 percent in annual increments. However, USW International President Leo Gerard said opposition to the petition from “many in the industry” who had placed “short-term interests over the long-term viability of the sector” called into question whether the ITC would be able to grant “relief for the remaining domestic industry.” Gerard acknowledged that senior U.S. and Canadian officials have been “engaged in meaningful discussions at the most senior levels” and expressed hope that this will lead to a long-term solution.

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